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Apr 28 2010

Kelly Clarkson – Publicity for cigarettes- She didn’t know

Kelly-Clarkson against smokingLast week Kelly Clarkson’s Indonesian tour dates were very interesting. In Indonesia cigarette companies have the free choice to advertise their tobacco products. And they can what faces they want to promote the sales. That is how people from Indonesia were showed a billboard in their faces.It seems that in Kelly’s camp someone fell asleep at the wheel and let the big company L.A. Lights use the image of her photo with their logo above it. In Indonesia people are used to see publicity for cigarettes which say: “Be a Man” or “Style Your Party”.


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Apr 26 2010

Cigarette deaths-increasing number

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second hand smokeCigarettes usually kill half of all lifetime of persons who smoke. Half of them die in the middle age –between 35 and 69 years old. There are no other products which can be consumed as dangerous as tobacco plant. It kills so many people every day. Tobacco kills more than legal drugs, illegal drugs, AIDS, road accidents, and suicide combined and murder.


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Apr 19 2010

Looking for safe use of tobacco and benefits of nicotine.

Safe use of tobacco
Tobacco is packed with addictive and harmful substances. There were conducted some scientific researches which have shown that no matter what kind of tobacco form people use their health is being affected. In the future there is a big possibility to appear different types of problems like heart attack or respiratory problems. Smokers have increased very much the risks of different types of cancers, particularly lung cancer, and are at far greater risk of strokes, heart disease, emphysema or many other non-fatal and fatal diseases. If they chew tobacco, they risk cancer of the tongue, lip and mouth.


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Apr 17 2010

Tobacco growth for centuries

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tobacco leavesTobacco is grown for centuries in over 125 countries, it can be found on over 4 million hectares of land and a third part of all of these hectares is in China alone. The whole global tobacco crop is worth almost US $20 billion, which represents a small fraction of the total amount that is coming from the sale of already produced tobacco products. Tobacco is grown on less than one percent of the world’s agricultural land, and on a very large variety of climates and soils.


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Apr 16 2010

Give up smoking strategies

stop smoking strategiesIf you have decided to quit smoking, first thing you should do is choose the best method to help you overcome the habit. Each method has in its own way advantages and disadvantages, so it is a very good idea to take in consideration all of them before you try one. It doesn’t matter what method you choose as long as it gives you the expected results. In this period is very important to have next to you friends and family. You are able to give up smoking on your own but you can have more success if you have your friend’s moral support and from everybody who cares about you. For many people, the wish to smoke comes in waves.


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Apr 15 2010

Supermodel Kate Moss quits smoking for her daughter

kate moss fashion smoking cigaretteKate Moss has been trying to give up smoking so that her daughter Lila Grace would not be in danger, so she has decided to use Nicorette patches. But the supermodel is very addicted to cigarettes, and she is still smoking a lot, almost 30 cigarettes every day, which represents a pack and a half of cigarettes. She is very desperate about this problem because she knows how dangerous they are for her health and for her daughter. She really wants to drop the smoking habit. This is really making a lot of harm to her skin. Kate is 34 years old and she knows she is very young but already has a quite bad past. She has been smoking like a chimney for many years, which is why it is very difficult for her to quit.


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