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May 19 2014

Can a smart lighter help you quit smoking?

Do you find it impossible to quit smoking, irrespective of what you do? Well help may soon be at hand, literally in your hand. The latest device to hit the market that will help you quit smoking isn’t a nicotine patch or electronic cigarettes, but a smart lighter called QuitBit which has a heating element similar to the kind found in smoking zones in airports instead of a flame. And you can actually command it to stop lighting when you find your daily quota!


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Jul 17 2013

Anti-smoking bill presented

Assam today took a step toward becoming one from the first state in the nation to ban all smokeless tobacco products with the state government table a bill in the Assembly on this issue.


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May 15 2012

After a life lost to tobacco

The name of Rick Stoddard may not immediately seem familiar.
Think of the line, “I guess I never thought of 23, average age,” and a picture – and history – can come into focus.


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Jan 19 2012

Soluble tobacco products under FDA scrutiny

The Food and Drug Administration will meet this week to discuss the public health impact of tobacco known as soluble tobacco, some say resemble candy, including their use in children.


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Jan 10 2012

Nicotine patches

Nicotine patches are no better than willpower alone in helping smokers quit their habit, a study has found.
Gums and nasal sprays are equally ineffective, according to research in the US by the Harvard University School of Public Health.
Surveys of 787 smokers attempting to give up showed a third relapsed whether using nicotine replacement products or not.


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Jan 27 2011

N.Y. Considers E-Cigarette Ban

NY e cigarette banLawmakers in New York have proposed a statewide ban on electronic cigarettes, the Associated Press reported Jan. 25. The bill was introduced by a former smoker, Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D-Manhattan), after she saw e-cigarettes on sale at malls and encountered ads for them online. “So I did some research,” she said. “I found what is in the e-cigarettes is a mystery.”


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Jan 25 2011

New Study: Business Not Affected By Smoking Ban

cut the smoking habitKANSAS CITY, MO. (kcur) – Kansas City’s smoking ban has had little, if any, impact on business at area eating and drinking establishments. That’s according to a new study, which looked at sales data before and after the ban was enacted in 2008. John Taurus, an economics professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago, coauthored the study. He says any changes in sales that did take place were related to the overall economic climate.


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Jan 17 2011

Smokeless Cigarettes: A New Celebrity Craze?

just quit smokingEven if you were an avid movie fan and have seen countless films in various languages and in different eras, chances are, you still haven’t seen electronic cigarettes featured on film. But that certainly doesn’t mean that electronic cigarettes are out of style or are obsolete, maybe they’re just too novel to be featured on screens. Their non-appearance on film definitely doesn’t imply that movie stars or celebrities don’t use them.


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