Mar 19 2010

Education process in the progress of tobacco control.

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finally quit smoking Anti-smoking education process is extremely important in sustaining the progress in tobacco control. Many tax or legislative interventions would have no result if people would not support, understand and ask for good changes in their lives. Everybody understands how important is to reduce youth smoking. In countries like Japan, Argentina, Nigeria, India, and the Russian Federation 87 % of respondents agreed with the international efforts to establish certain regulations and rules to stop the tobacco usage. This issue is really important for the entire society to be solved.

Schools play a big role in teaching the children about the damages that smoking could bring to their health. They also can teach students to develop refusal skills regarding smoking. Some analyses were made and it was discovered that young people believe they would become smart, cool and fashionable.

One first step with these programs at school is to increase the number of persons who realize the danger that children are exposed to. It is also for changing intentions, attitudes and beliefs. But only this won’t change the entire society and their behavior.

A school tobacco control program must not allow the usage of cigarettes or other tobacco use at school events and facilities. By this way they will help staff and students to quit smoking. The tobacco industry in the last years became active in smoking prevention programs for young people. These programs show how smoking is an adult thing and teens have to wait until they are grown ups to take the decision of smoking.


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