Apr 26 2010

How to quit smoking?

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Everyone who tries to quit smoking meets difficulties in doing this, but there very interesting methods which were proved to be great for this purpose.

girl smoking cigarettes

girl smoking cigarettes

Changing Our Relationship to Smoking

Facing nicotine addiction head on has another significant benefit. By looking closely at the scope of the damage and death smoking causes, we begin to think differently about our old buddies, the cigarettes, and we start to change our relationship with smoking. How can something that kills so many so ruthlessly be a friend? Education will help you take the blinders off, and that is a very good thing.

The Power of Now

Our power to affect change always lies in the present. What we do today has great influence over our tomorrows – an important thing to remember in this process. Keep your eye on the prize and keep yourself firmly planted in the day you have in front of you.

Recovery is a Process

It’s important to remember…recovery from nicotine addiction is a process, not an event. That process involves education, support and the patience to let a new way of being take shape for you. Use these tools to create the winning attitude that will bring you the permanent freedom you’re looking for.

Anything Worth Having is Worth Working For

Yes, quitting tobacco is hard work at times, especially early on, but dig your feet in and take it on. Remind yourself daily about why you want to quit smoking, and picture yourself as a contented nonsmoker, free of the need to light up every hour on the hour. It’s not far fetched – it’s doable, and you have the ability to make it happen, right now. Believe it and believe in yourself. The rewards far outweigh the work it takes to achieve your freedom, I promise you!

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