Jul 24 2012

Judge orders tobacco companies to file defense

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A New Brunswick judge ordered several major tobacco companies to submit their legal protection in the main trial run of the provincial government to recover health care costs.

In March 2008, New Brunswick became the second area – after British Columbia – to sue tobacco companies to recoup the costs of treating people who have smoked in years, the company refused to disclose the risks to health.

However, the company began a number of procedural objections, slowing down the claim, since 2008. They have not yet filed a lawsuit in response to the demands of the government.

They argue that the lawyers of the provincial government were not specific enough and did not provide detailed information at the request of the company.

The Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Sir Thomas said that there was no evidence that the company needed more detail, and he ordered to submit his defense on 20 August.

Cynthia Callard, executive director of Physicians for Smoke-Free Canada, said that similar solutions in other provinces, it was important.

“We have seen that they put in an objection after objection, the motion of the movement, each of which takes time, and the court, each of which takes months of training trial, each of which retains the final decision of the court,” said Callard.

“When a judge in the activation and says,” No more of this nonsense, we’re going to get to the trial date, “we find that things are moving forward quickly.”

None of the provincial government was available to comment on this decision, and none of the tobacco lawyers returned calls to CBC.

Companies mentioned in the lawsuit include: Carreras Rothmans Limited, British American Tobacco and British American Tobacco.

Four years have passed since the lawsuit was first introduced in the provincial government. Attorney General T.J. Burke began the trial, during the forecasting of financial windfall.

“These figures are certainly going to be substantial,” he said at the time.

The Government of New Brunswick was first announced in December 2006 that it would take legal action against the companies, but the damage to tobacco and health care reimbursement law was only proclaimed in March 2008.


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