Apr 19 2010

Nicotine addiction

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Nicotine represents an alkaloid which is made by plants. It is a bitter tasting poison that is located in the leaves of the plants and their stems. It is acting like a protection cover to plants and prevents them from being eaten by different animals.

Nicotine addiction

Nicotine addiction

Animals and humans can become ill if they eat or consume plants which contain nicotine. Human society has a wish to live in harmony with the natural environment. That is why when someone tells a smoker that nicotine represents a toxic poison, the same person is not surprised. The smokers know the dangers that they are exposed to when consuming nicotine but what they don’t know is that they are consuming a product that’s three times more poisonous than arsenic. They are also not aware that nicotine is more lethal than strychnine.

The people who smoke don’t know also that that the same substance, nicotine is also used as a pesticide. They are also not aware that a few drops of pure nicotine on the skin of the person can be rather fatal. This is a very important point to be noted. You need to take some tips from this point. You need not to have to inject nicotine to kill you. A simple contact might lead to results that you would have never thought about.

In the purest form, if a person takes 60 mg of nicotine, s/he will immediately turn into a dead body. There are many smokers who try gum patches. They are using gum patches as well as smoke. But this still does not help very much. You need to be grateful that you have people around who tell you about the good and harmful effects of nicotine. You must make a note of the things they say and follow them to save yourself from the dangers of this deadly addiction.

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