Feb 25 2010

The Earth is asking rest from smoking pollution

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smoking earthPersons that are cigarette smokers believe that by smoking cigarettes they are only hurting themselves. In fact this is not true; there are many bad effects that can be caused by cigarette usage. Smokers hurt themselves and also the people who care about them and they hurt the environment, too.These days almost every person knows how smoking cigarettes affects our bodies and mind, but the knowledge of what smoking does to the Earth is not so known. We all have to care about this problem .There are some issues that every smoker who cares at least a little bit about the environment should know .

It is obvious that smoking pollutes the air and very often the ground. But we still don’t know how much the air or the ground is polluted. Cigarettes have over 4000 chemicals which are released into the air and the atmosphere. Almost 30% of North Americans are smokers, and the percentage is even higher in developing countries, it means that there is a high level of pollution in the air.

The trees are like our lungs because they have the same function. If a tree is not green anymore, it might be because of polluted air. So we can make a comparison with our lung that can have the same fate. People need to breathe, not to smoke. They need clean water to drink and live healthy. A few persons know that the smoke doesn’t stop only in our bodies or air, but it stops into the land that we live, too.

Millions of cigarette butts are thrown out on the ground every day. Every year in California the state has a statewide cleanup and cigarette butts account for almost half of the waste that is collected. These are only the ones that are picked up in one state and millions more are never picked up. They end up in the rivers and lakes where animals and fish eat them by mistake and very often die from it. The rest are left on the ground and there should pass more than 25 years, so that the chemicals from the cigarettes disappear.

Even though there is someone who really likes to smoke, he should take in consideration the above information and not to through on the ground the butts. It looks unattractive, it can cause a fire when the weather is too dry and it is very bad for the environment.

There are many problems that appear together with the producing of the cigarettes. For example on the land that is used to grow tobacco, they can grow crops and give them to the states from the third world that needs them so much. To produce and package cigarettes are used many trees. Cigarette manufacturing uses four miles of paper an hour just for rolling and packaging cigarettes. One tree is lost for every three hundred cigarettes produced. The wasted trees could have filtered the pollutants that are already in the air.

The tobacco companies should think more about the technology they are using to create tobacco products. They are often trying to have more trees planted, but since they use trees to dry the tobacco and for rolling and packaging, so this might be a hidden goal. They should think more about the air pollution and harmful effects on our bodies. Giving up smoking is very hard, but it is possible and it’s not only about the harm that smokers are doing to their own bodies, but it is about the bad effect that smoking cigarettes have on our relatives, friends and environment


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